Syntol AMD 90 caps

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Syntol AMD 90 caps

A powerful yet gentle yeast cleanse that supports intestinal balance.*

Syntol, a scientifically formulated combination of enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics. Syntol contains 13.6 billion colony forming units (CFUs) of various non-competing strains of probiotic bacteria per dose. One of these strains is the potent B. subtilis, a spore forming bacteria. Spore germination is a dependable means of delivering healthy flora to the intestine in less than ideal conditions.*

One of Syntol’s main ingredients is Isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO). IMO is a prebiotic from tapioca that passes safely through the stomach into the intestinal tract, where it then creates an environment that healthy bacteria can thrive in. Though some prebiotics can cause uncomfortable gas and bloating, studies have shown that IMO is much less likely to cause these symptoms than other prebiotic ingredients.*

Syntol & Immune Function
Syntol's powerful enzyme and probiotic blend may support a robust Immune System.

Syntol provides excellent immune support for the following reasons:

  • Probiotics are known to be our first line of immune defense
  • Creates an intestinal barrier against unwanted pathogens
  • Supports the production of antibodies
  • Naturally produces vitamins and minerals vital for healthy immune function

How Syntol Works
Syntol fights against bad bacteria and yeast colonies as well as supports proper digestion and a healthy immune system. It encourages the growth of probiotics, the body’s beneficial bacterial colonies, which help to balance the digestive ecosystem. A healthy, balanced gut results in better digestion, improved immunity, and overall better health.

Most bacteria are susceptible to any acidic pH range, mainly thriving in the more alkaline lower gastrointestinal (GI). But the spore forming bacteria in Syntol are able to withstand a broader range of pH and temperature changes. This improves the chances that the probiotic strain will properly germinate, and begin the process of restoring intestinal balance.

Syntol Offers a Gentle Yeast Cleanse
In addition to a powerful blend of prebiotics and probiotics, Syntol also contains a blend of enzymes that provide a thorough intestinal cleanse:

  • Protease/Serrapeptase aids in protein digestion
  • Cellulase/Hemicellulase promotes cellulose and fiber digestion
  • Glucoamylase/Amylase breaks down sugars

These enymes work together to support normal yeast levels without experiencing occasional discomfort known as "die-off".

Arm yourself with Syntol to maintain normal levels of yeast and intestinal balance.




*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Suggested Use

Take syntol with 8 oz of water on an empty stomach. Start with 1-2 capsules per day and increase by 1-2 per day until you reach your desired amount. Larger daily doses may be split into 2-3 divided doses. For best results‚ please refer to the guide below.
Maintenance: 2-4 capsules per day.
Increased Support: 6 capsules per day.
Therapeutic: 9-12 capsules per day.

If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or undergoing treatment for a medical condition, please consult your healthcare professional before using this product. Store in a cool, dry place and tightly capped. Keep out of the reach of children. Tamper resistant package, do not use if seal is missing.


Serving size: 4 capsules
Servings per container: 22.5

Ingredients Amount %DV*
Vitamin C (As Ascorbyl Palmitate) 20 mg 2%
Prebiotic (Isomalto-Oligosaccharide) 600 mg
Proprietary Blend Syntol AMD
  Spore Germinating Probiotic Blend
    B. subtilis‚ L. helvecticus‚ S. boulardii‚
    L. acidophilus‚ L. rhamnosus‚ L. plantarum‚
    L. lactis‚ B. bifidum

  Syntol Digestive Yeast Cleanse
    Cellulase‚ glucoamylase‚ hemicellulase‚
    amylase‚ protease‚ serrapeptase
13.6 Billion CFU's

1,240 mg

Other Ingredients: Cellulose (acid armor™ capsules)

* % Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
†   Daily Value not established.

Syntol is free of dairy‚ gluten‚ and soy allergens. Contains no artificial colors or preservatives.