JUVO Raw Green Superfood 12.7 oz

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UVO Raw Green Superfood 12.7 oz

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JUVO Raw Superfood created entirely from whole, organic, raw foods, is loaded with powerful antioxidants, immune system stimulators and live enzymes all present in one daily 6 gram serving. JUVO Raw Superfood system combines a carefully chosen array of the world's most nutritionally powerful organic raw foods. JUVO Raw Superfood is designed to super charge your immune system while protecting and building your body's whole health. Raw SUPERFOOD contains carefully chosen 48 Super ingredients which is loaded with powerful antioxidants, immune system stimulators and is designed to protect our body's total health.

  • All Organic and All Raw
  • USDA Organic Certified by QAI
  • All Natural, Fresh and Freeze-Dried Ingredients; 100% Raw

Features of JUVO Raw Green Protein

  • Sprouted and Green Grass possess powerful energy: Sprouted blend (Sprouted Alfalfa, Sprouted Barley, Sprouted Wheat, Sprouted Buckwheat, Sprouted Broccoli, Sprouted Mustard) Green Grass blend (Barley Grass, Kamut Grass, Oat Grass, Wheat Grass). Sprouted plants and Green Grass have increased vitamin and mineral nutrient contents because the seed is first sprouted, making it alive and active in its growth process. Furthermore various enzymes including amylase, protease and lipase increased significantly.
  • ushroom blend stimulates immune system: Noble Mushroom blend is all USDA Certified Organic, Kosher and enzymatically active cold dried mushroom and blend of agaricus, cordyceps, maitake, reishi and shitake mushrooms. These mushrooms are well studied and known as health-supportive mushrooms and stimulate immune system. This robust immune system booster is sourced from compound called beta glucan that supports a variety of immune response and helping to balance immune cells.
  • Fruit and vegetable blend help repair and prevent the stress of oxidation by antioxidant effect: JUVO Raw SUPERFOOD consist of various 28 fruits and vegetables. A variety of natural colored - red, green, yellow, purple and orange colored- vegetables and fruits contain a premier variety of nutraceutical phytochemicals called carotenoids, anthocyanins, lycopene, and chlorophylls. These phytochemical role in vegetables and fruits are antioxidant activities. It activates liver detoxification enzymes, inhibiting carcinogenesis antibacterial activities, regulation immune systems and anti-inflammatory effect. Also fruits and vegetables have dietary fiber and a lot of natural vitamins and minerals. Therefore these support excellent health.
  • Whole grain: uncooked, unprocessed and unpolished gluten free whole grains make our healthy body. Healthy grain blend is a blend of brown rice, millet, quinoa and amaranth. These whole grains are of great potential importance in reducing the risk of Cardiovascular heart disease. The whole grain increases their intake of dietary fiber, mineral and vitamins.

ReJUVOnating Benefits:

  • Rejuvenate your body and mind
  • Increase your energy and metabolism
  • Helps cleanse your body of toxins and waste materials
  • Helps reduce tension and stress
  • Easily digestible, and helps to improve digestion
  • Healthfully appeases hunger pangs
  • Ready to mix with your favorite beverage


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Suggested Use

Mix 1 scoop of Raw Superfood (6 g) with 8~10 oz of liquid. For additional flavor, add fresh or frozen fruits. For meal replacement, add 7 scoops of Raw Superfood (40 g) with 8~10 oz of liquid.


Serving size: 1 scoop (6g)
Servings per container: 60

Ingredients Amount %DV
  Calories from Fat

Total Fat
  Saturated Fat
  Trans Fat
Cholesterol 0 mg  
Sodium 0 mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate
  Dietary Fiber
Protein 1g  
Vitamin A   1%
Vitamin C   2%
Calcium   1%
Iron   2%
Vitamin E   1%
Phosphorus   2%
Magnesium   6%
Ingredients: Raw Kosher Certified Organic Grain & Protein Blend: Organic Brown rice, organic hemp protein, organic millet, organic quinoa, organic amaranth. Raw Kosher Certified Organic Green Blend Organic kale, organic spinach, organic leek, organic parsley, organic nettle. Kosher Certified Organic Sprouted & Green Grass Blend: Organic sprouted broccoli, organic sprouted mustard, organic barley grass juice, organic kamut grass juice, organic oat grass juice, organic wheat grass juice. Raw Kosher Certified Organic Antioxidant Blend: Organic apple, organic tomato, organic lemon, organic pineapple, organic banana, organic strawberry, organic carrot, organic mango, organic maqui berry, organic goji berry, organic black currant, organic acai berry, organic acerola, organic concord grape, organic pomegranate, organic blueberry, organic cranberry, organic raspberry, organic blackberry, organic beet. Kosher Certified Organic Noble Mushroom Blend: Organic spirulina, oragnic agaricus mushroom, organic cordyceps mushroom, organic maitake mushroom, organic reishi mushroom, organic shiitake muschroom.

* % Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
†   Daily Value not established.