Natural Boost 2 oz

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Natural Boost

Feel the Power with Natural Boost for Men*

nm5808-4.jpgNatural Boost for Men is a unique blend of 9 herbs combined with the powerful amino acid, L Arginine.*

As a man, you have unique needs. This complex proprietary blend of 9 unique ingredients was carefully formulated with you in mind. Take back your confidence with some of our top ingredients like Epimedium, Maca, and Tribulus. This product also contains L-Arginine, which the body produces naturally and breaks down into Nitric Oxide. This may help to widen blood vessels and may aid in the body’s circulatory functionsᶧ. Delivered through a highly bioavailable liquid, Natural Boost can be easily incorporated into your daily routine.*

Antioxidant Support, Inflammatory Response Support, Gastrointestinal Support, Neurological Support, Microbial Support


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


nm5808-5.jpgHow to Use:
Keep the bottle tightly closed in a dry place at room temperature (59-86°F or 15-30°C). Shake well before use. With the liquid dropper, add the drops to a 4 oz. glass of water, not distilled or reverse osmosis. Do not place drops in hot water. Allow the drops to sit in the water for at least one minute before drinking. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Stop use if adverse reactions develop.

Dosing Instructions:
Take 30 drops twice daily. Can be taken under the tongue or in 2-4 oz. (60-120mL) of water.


Serving size: 30 drops (1.5 mL)
Servings per container: 40

Ingredients Amount %DV
Proprietary Blend
  Epimedium leaf extract, Tribulus fruit
  extract, l-Arginine, Jatropha
stem extract, Muira Puama
  bark extract, Maca root extract, Ginkgo
  leaf extract, Eurycoma longifolia root
  extract, Eustephia coccígea bark
  extract, Saffron pistil extract
1.5 mL
Other Ingredients: mineral water, ethanol (20-24%)

†   Daily Value not established.