To Vitamin D or Not to Vitamin D

Posted by Joe Carr, ND on Nov 13th 2019

According to the Journal of Environmental and Public Health, we are facing a Vitamin D deficiency that is prevalent across all age groups in epidemic proportions. Yet no governmental body has declared … read more

That Pesky Thyroid

Posted by Joe Carr, ND on Sep 17th 2019

There are few things that can be as annoying, irritating, frustrating, debilitating and disheartening as problems with the thyroid.This little 2-inch-long, butterfly-shaped gland in the front of your … read more

What About Soy Lecithin?

Aug 2nd 2019

We get lots of inquiries about soy lecithin, especially revolving around liposomal products. So, let's address it!Although soy lecithin is derived from soy, most of the allergens are removed in the ma … read more