Why Buying Supplements on Amazon Can Be Dangerous

Posted by Joe Carr, ND on Mar 16th 2021

According to a recently published article by Consumer Reports, nearly 50 dietary supplements sold on Amazon and eBay contain active pharmaceutical ingredients, including some prescription drugs, … read more

​Can Supplements Promote Healthy Weight Naturally?

Posted by Joe Carr, ND on Feb 25th 2021

Losing weight seems to be the number one past time of most Americans. Radio, TV, magazines, newspapers, emails... all are touting the latest and greatest substance or product that will magically cause … read more

​Don’t Worry, Be Happy?

Posted by Joe Carr, ND on Feb 24th 2021

Negative Mood and Chronic InflammationResearchers from Penn State have found that low mood might be a sign of poor health. Inflammation is part of the body's natural immune response, but chronic infla … read more

Nattokinase and the "Heart" of the Issue

Posted by Joe Carr, ND on Feb 23rd 2021

One of the most asked about supplements I receive is about nattokinase. If everyone is asking about it, why are you not familiar with it? Surprisingly, most people aren't.Technically speaking, it is a … read more